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Terms of use

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


1. Table set.M. XXXXXXX (Hereinafter: the “company“) is the operator of a mobile app called “shulchanaruch” as well as a website whose address (hereinafter the “platform“) allows the ordering of a variety of services listed as follows in Section 1.8 and 1.9 (hereinafter: the “services“). For the avoidance of any doubt the term “platform” refers to any other computer or communication device including a mobile phone and any hand computer, tablet or desk.
2. The use of the masculine tongue is for convenience only and it applies, of course, to both women and men.
The purpose of the terms of use as follows (hereinafter: the “terms of use“) is to regulate the relationship between the company and
Any person, including a corporation or anyone on its behalf, who makes or will use the platform (hereinafter:
"The user"). For the avoidance of any doubt, these terms of Use apply to both “user” and " user
It says, " as described as follows, except in the mandatory changes. Also in terms of use should read the term
"User" includes” registered user " except in the obligatory changes.
3. Use of the platform is subject to the terms of Use, please read these terms carefully. To remove all
Provider, continued use of the platform constitutes full and free agreement to these terms. Consent to the rules
This policy constitutes consent to the receipt of publicity material in accordance with the provisions of Section 30A of the Communications Act
(Bezeq and services), 1982. Please note that, subject to the provisions of the law, at any time you may choose to desist
From receiving such messages by deleting your details from the app's mailing list and / or
The site. This is by sending a request for removal from the mailing list via email
To the app or website at .
These terms of use will apply to any use made in the areas of the state of Israel by the user
On the platform, including the use of the services, they constitute a binding legal agreement between him and the company. All
4. Use of the platform and services in other countries, subject to the relevant terms of use in those
Countries. As the user uses the platform in these countries, acceptance of these terms of use
It is also his responsibility as a user to check and read the terms and conditions of other countries.
The other countries before using the platform and / or services in those countries.
5. The company reserves the right and the option to change, update and replace the terms of use at any time
And without any notice or advance notice. Any above changes will begin from the moment the change is posted on the platform.
The term " content” refers to any information of any kind, including verbal content,
Visual, audio and any combination, design, editing, and distribution, including any photography, image, animation,
Illustration, diagram, video, audio and inference files; any software, file, application, code, creation, protocol,
Format, interface, mark, icon, database, whether these are included in commercial or marketing offers
Different or not.
6. The term “services " refers to any service the company will offer on the platform, including construction services
And designing a website and an app. Services will be provided by the company or anyone on its behalf and / or
Through a third party which the company will only serve as” intermediary " for the provision of services (hereinafter:"
The service " or "service providers").
7. For the avoidance of any doubt, the platform essentially provides consulting, brokerage, and website building services
And a custom-designed app for providing services between service providers (customer service providers) in various fields
And its users and/or customers.
If you are a minor (under the age of 18), your use of the platform and/or acceptance of the services is conditional on your Guardian's approval of the terms of use, including the privacy policy set forth in them. If you have not received such explicit permission from your guardian, you are asked to refrain from making any use of the platform, including receiving services offered through it. Entering and using the platform and/or receiving services constitutes, among other things, a declaration that you are an adult (over the age of 18).


In order to benefit from the variety of services the company offers through the platform, the user is asked to subscribe to the platform at the designated location.
As part of the registration process, the user may be asked to fill out a number of details, including full name and address, contact information and payment information including credit card number (hereinafter: “personal details“).
The personal information will be transferred, among other things, to subsidiaries and other related companies as well as to third parties that provide services to the company, such as clearing companies that perform the clearing services for the company.
The collection and use of personal information is subject to the privacy policy as set out in Section 3 (hereinafter: “Privacy Policy“).
You undertake that the personal information you provide to the company is complete and correct. You undertake to update the company on any changes to your personal information as provided in the registration process.
As part of the registration process the user will be able to select a secret password. Please maintain your password, you are fully and exclusively responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of this password and you undertake to notify the company immediately of any unauthorized use of your password as well as any other breach of confidentiality. You are also liable for any use or legally binding action you make on your behalf.
The company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the service provided in any case where it believes that the information provided to it by you in or after the registration process is incomplete, correct and true. In addition, the company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the service provided in any case where it believes that the applicant of the service is not the Registered User.
The term “registered user " refers to the user who completes the registration process in full.
After the registration process is completed, a public profile will be produced for the user (hereinafter: “public profile“). Parts of the Registered User's public profile may contain personal information including full name and address, and may be displayed in different parts of the platform and to other users for marketing purposes.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to all data provided as part of the registration process and to all data collected and collected in the company's databases as follows (the “information“).
The company may use information about the user to contact the users, including for delivery by email, text message to the mobile phone (SMS/MMS) or in any other way, advertising information to the users, whether it is the information it itself will publish or the information it will receive for delivery from other businesses. The user agrees and confirms, in effect approving this document, that the Company shall be entitled to keep in its repository the information provided by him and other information accumulated about him, for the purpose of performing, from time to time, actions, such as: contacting him, publishing, providing mailing services, by the company or anyone on its behalf or other parties, collecting information about him and using him, including storing, transferring and sharing him, by the company or anyone on its behalf or

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