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Size table

Guide to measuring the table and adjusting the size of the map
To calculate the size of the map you need, first measure the length and width of the table in square tables, or the diameter of the table in round tables.
Of course, at the time of measurement, you should also consider the existing additions to the table and know its length at the maximum opening (if you want a map to match the maximum size of the table).

How much should the map fall across the table?
The fall of the cloth refers to the section of fabric that extends over the edge of the table and”falls” downwards. It is generally recommended to consider a minimum of about 20cm, and no more than 35cm.

Calculate map size:
First, double the desired "fall" space on the sides of the table. For example, for a 20cm “fall” on each side, consider a 40cm”fall”.
For the result you received, add the length of the table according to the measurement you made. This is the right map length for your desk.
The same calculation is made about the width of the table, so you can know the size of the map you want to order!

For your convenience, below is a table of standard measurements ;
For this table we have added another column where you can see the conversion to the number of diners who have space around your table,
But as mentioned above, we emphasize that this column is based on rules of thumb and is not accurate, so it is recommended not to rely solely on it when ordering the map :

Item Cm size Number of diners
Width maps 145 Round 145 4-6
145/145 4
260/145 6-8
300/145 8-10
350/145 10-12
400/145 12-14
450/145 14-16
500/145 16-18
Width maps 160 Round 160 6
160/160 4-6
260/160 6-8
300/160 8-10
350/160 10-12
400/160 12-14
450/160 14-16
500/160 16-18
Napkins 40/40


Special dimensions
If your table is not a standard size and/or you have not found a product that is suitable for you on the site,
We would love for you to contact us through the website and provide us with your table sizes and the product you wish to purchase.
We will make every effort to produce the product for you!
Of course, for this purpose we will contact you and give you all the details for your approval prior to booking.
Please note, you will not be able to cancel, return or replace products made with a special order.


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